Photographer’s “Flower Power” Shows Pit Bulls in a Soft, Dreamy Light


Sophie Gamand is a French award-winning photographer living and working in New York who, Since 2010, has been focused on dogs and our relationships with them.

She recently tasked herself with photographing Pit Bulls in a light other than the rough, gritty ones they’re normally seen in. She teamed up with several New York dog shelters (including Second Chance RescueSean Casey Animal Rescue, and Animal Haven), setting up studios in each of them, to create “Flower Power”; a photo collection showing the softer side of pit bull dogs.

Sophie herself admitted to having prejudiced views on the breed, and wanted to show them in a way that didn’t perpetuate similar prejudices and urban legends.

The collection features pit bulls wearing flower headpieces that Sophie made herself, and is well worth a look. See a few of the photos below, and see Sophie’s Website and the original story for more!


flower dog 3 flower dog 2 flower dog 1


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