Toughing Through Tough Decisions About Your Dog: Roco’s Eye Removal


None of us want to think about it even for a second for fear of becoming lost in despair, but eventually something will happen to your dog.

Your best friend who depends on you for just about everything is going to need you to make a decision for him/her. It might be a big one, it might be a small one, or it may be one that’s essentially made for you, but your undeserving friend and family member will not escape misfortune forever.

A little dire sounding, I know. For now, let’s just assume that whatever’s going to happen will be YEARS from now. That doesn’t mean you can’t hear some words of encouragement and courageous examples now to help you out later.

This post is not a downer. Remind yourself of that as you read..

This is my friend’s dog Roco. He’s gentle, quiet, well behaved, and an all-around sweetheart. This is what he looked like until very recently.


Another shot of “Roco Classic”. The type of scene you may fear yourself looking back on when dealing with misfortune.


This is Roco just after it was confirmed that the best, and perhaps only choice was to remove his left eye.

Whatever keeps Roco out of pain I will do. [I’m preparing] myself for the cost of removing an eye. They said between $600-$800. Which is way less than I thought he would say. That brings relief.

Its confirmed. Roco isn’t waiting for specialist. We are taking out the eye this Friday :’/ I feel right about this all things considered.


Roco in the car on the way to his surgery to have his eye removed.  Surely one of the hardest times to look a family member in the face without bursting into tears!  It’s important to maintain perspective though! Although this is all supposedly hardship ROCO is facing, he’s fixated on his current pain; not on what he’s about to lose-which at this point only turns out to be a non-functioning place-holder full of pain. Our potential for elaborate emotions and intricate sorrow and empathy make a thing like this harder for us than it is for the ones who depend on us.

We are off to surgery. Wish Roco well. Xo

I just got word Roco’s surgery went well. He is in recovery 🙂



No matter how much you prepare yourself, sometimes you’ll just never be ready to see the patient post-op. Just always remember that what’s missing was harmful. This void is a positive one. It replaces pain and risk, and YOU were able to give that gift!

This is no doubt the hardest thing for me to see right now :’|



Know well in advance not to expect a chipper patient in the very near future. Just be glad you get to baby, care for them, and make them as comfy as possible!

He wasn’t able to drink water out of his dish so I took a dropper out of one of my tinctures and fed him that way. He responded which is positive.

My nephew who is 5 saw Roco’s picture on my sisters phone and was so concerned and sad he wanted to talk to me. I asked him how his day was and he completely ignored me and just asked me questions about Roco.



Eventually things get less red and fur begins to return to where it belongs. Of course it was always going to happen but it has to be a relief to finally see it! Way to stay strong, Roco!

Roco and his first family hangout since his surgery 🙂



Eventually you’ll begin to notice you and your pal experiencing moments of normalcy. And although it was emotionally draining, and perhaps financially difficult, look at what you’ve done for another life! You’ve enabled him/her to continue experiencing life in a way that would not have been possible otherwise! And you’ve even further strengthened the bond between you and your beloved pal!

Yip. Picking up a stick, howling, and walking so fast I can barely keep up – proves to me Roco is back to himself! I feel happy and at PEACE.


Of course not every procedure turns out well, and of course there are no guarantees in life. Just always remember that all you can possibly do is what you can do. There’s no crystal ball, and aside from making the best possible decisions you know how, you aren’t in control! Once you’re done weighing the options, there’s no sense in pretending you were EVER in control.

You haven’t caused anything, but you have made your best effort to help, and what more can there be to any situation? Remember, things are hardly ever as hard on your dog as they are on you, and they’re extremely lucky to have you around. And guess what. As long as the unthinkable doesn’t happen, before you even realize it’s happening, things fall into place. They’re not exactly the same, but when was the last time you got to keep ANYTHING exactly how it was? You’ll adapt, your pooch will adapt, and although Roco’s not actually quite at the following stage yet, it’s nice to know he has plenty more happy photos ahead of him!



During difficult times, just keep in mind one of my favorite choruses of all time, “I’m feelin’ alright; cause it ain’t that bad; I mean it ain’t that tight; but yo I’m not that sad.“. IE always do your best to keep things in perspective. You can accept that things aren’t great without assuming despair and sadness. That said, feel what you gotta feel! It’s only normal!


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