Caring People Brought Patrick Back from Nearly Dead; A Jaw-Dropping Transformation.


We apologize for showing the ‘before’ pictures. We absolutely would not do it if there wasn’t a happy ending or some way to help. In this case there’s both.

A tenant in a Newark apartment building starved Patrick pretty much to death and dropped him down a garbage suit. That would be the end of this story had a maintenance worker not spotted patrick and called animal control.

ACO Arthur Skinner picked up the dog and brought him directly to the Humane Society where the following transformation occurred. His rescuers knew how unbelievably lucky the dog was to pull through given the state he was in, so they named him after St. Patrick!

Thanks so much to all the heroes involved in Patrick’s recovery! For more information on Patrick’s story and info on how you can help in cases like these, please check out the Patrick Miracle facebook page, which is also the source of this story and the accompanying photos.










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