RUFFS: A Dog Competition for the Other Dogs, Who Still Need Love


Dear god, the photo of this dog nearly brings me to tears! Luckily they’d be partly tears of joy knowing the amount of love this brave guy is about to be showered with!

Every year, the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) puts on “Ruffs”; a dog show that is not based on looks.

The good, the bad and the perfectly imperfect” is how they describe the show, and this is the first year they’ve done the voting online! To give a better idea of just how the dogs are judged, here are the categories:

  • Happiest Hound – pictures of dogs at their happiest.
  • Perfectly Imperfect– ‘wonky’ dogs who will never be perfect according to a set of arbitrary standards, but are perfect anyway.
  • Best Transformation– ‘before and after’ pictures of rescued dogs.
  • Best rescued ex-breeder – the many dogs discarded when they’re no longer ‘useful’

Not only does the RSPCA deserve a round of applause for this show; it also deserves kudos for their support of pedigree dogs and their efforts to make sure they live happy, dignified lives! Sign their petition here.

For more info, see their facebook page and website.



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