We Love Dogs, and That’s Why Dog Smooch Exists


We love dogs because

  • Of course, they’re furry, floppy and adorable
  • They’re little fluff-covered comedians who can have you in stitches in seconds
  • They’re like having your own crazy little muppet or cartoon character
  • They’re always up for exactly what you’re up for
  • They’ll be as excited as you want them to be at the drop of a hat
  • Their energy is contagious
  • They’re ALWAYS happy to see you
  • They miss you when you’re gone
  • Although they love food and treats, all they really want is to hang with their buddy, you
  • They’re not human but have no problem befriending us
  • They read you somehow, and know how to respond to what you’re feeling
  • They never judge; just love
  • They forgive and forget
  • They trust you
  • They need you
  • Their smile or a simple tail wag can make your day
  • They don’t understand all your words, but they listen to every one
  • They’re really and truly our friends
  • They’re really and truly our family

This is the inaugural post of a website we hope stays around for a long time. Specifically who we are doesn’t matter. What does matter is that we’re dog people; and we know you fellow dog lovers out there are going to love what we have in store for you on this site!¬†Dogs make life so much more enjoyable, and once the idea was in our heads, we couldn’t NOT create a site that honors and appreciates them!

We hope you’ll join us for as many of our videos, photos and articles as possible; each of which will depict and celebrate the cuteness, silliness, beauty, energy, sweetness, fun and love that is dog. You’ll also find many advice and review articles that will help you care for and properly pamper that much-deserving pooch of yours!

Thanks for loving dogs as much as we do. Happy surfing!




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I love dogs! That's why I do what I do!

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