Fire Hose Dog Toy is Not Indestructible

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The bottom line with these toys is: There's certainly nothing wrong with them as standard chew toys; but don't expect them to be anything special in the longevity department. Especially if your dog is skilled at finding a small tear or weakness and working it until the insides of a toy are no longer a mystery!

  • Durability 7
  • Fun/Features 6
  • Price 8

When our dog was a pup, I brought one of these toys home for him thinking I’d finally done it! This was the one! He’d have this toy for at least a year! No way this toy will be in the garbage by the end of the week!

Well, for those of us who’ve experienced the wrath of puppy teeth, you know my expectations were not realistic.¬†I don’t know if the toy I bought was the exact one shown in the picture here, but if not, I’m sure it would fare about as well. This poor thing hung around a few days, but eventually pieces and shreds become too small and ugly to keep around, and that was that.

In searching for details on this and similar products, I also found this video, in which a dog tears a hose open in 20 minutes!



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