FINALLY, You Can be Proud of your Dog Using This Device!


You know how many steps YOU’RE taking per day, but what about your dog? How do you know he/she is sticking strictly to those new years goals? How will you get Molly’s body fat percentage down to a respectable level?

OK, that intro was spilling over with facetiousness, and I suppose there are cases where this thing COULD be helpful for dogs with health and severe weight problems. Or just as a fun gizmo. Please though; outside  of these scenarios, if this is what you concern yourself with, the issues do not lie with the dog!

Anyway, the Whistle collar is like a fitbit for dogs. Track their movement! At all times.

Also, it’s $129.

Folks! Would you buy this thing? Maybe I’m looking at it all wrong. Help me out if I’m off base!




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